Best Chimney for Indian Kitchen – Amazing Guide

Unlike modern induction cooktops, the traditional gas stoves are still the choice of many Indians. However, the steam and tadkas make the ceiling or the base on top of the gas greasy and dirty making the hygiene a big issue. This is when the kitchen chimneys come in the picture. One might wonder, is chimney necessary in the kitchen? If yes, what type of kitchen chimney shall you buy. Here, we are to answer all the questions related to the best kitchen chimney in India.

Discover the Best Chimney for Indian Kitchen – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Like for any other product, be it a roti maker, a chapatti tawa or any other kitchen appliance, there are several considerations to be kept in mind. One needs to consider them well before deciding the best kitchen chimney in India. Let us go through them.


Suction capacity is the most important factors to be considered when it comes to buying a perfect chimney for your kitchen. It is a capacity of the motor to suck oil particles and odor. It is measured in cubic meter per hour (m3/hr).

The higher air suction capacity is the most suited for an Indian kitchen. Normally, one shall choose a chimney that can extract 10 times the volume of air for the given space. The given space is nothing but the kitchen volume. For instance, if you have a kitchen with length and breadth of 5 meters and a height of 3 meters, the kitchen volume comes to 75 m3. Thus, you need to select a chimney with a suction capacity of 750 m3/hr.


This depends upon factors like the number of gas stove burners you are using and the length and width of your cooktop. One should select a chimney which exceeds the length and width of your gas stove and not the shorter one.

Ideally, the chimneys are available in two widths 60cm and 90cm. The point to be taken care of is chimney and gas stoves should ideally be at a distance of minimum 26 inches and a maximum 30 inches. The lower distance might lead to chimney catching fire and higher distance might affect the suction power of the chimney. Thus, one needs to specifically take care of distance between chimney and gas stoves.

Kitchen chimneys need to clean and maintained with utmost care. Also, being an electrical kitchen appliance, it might be prone to damage. This is when the warranty comes in picture. One should look for the product with a longer warranty period for both motor and other parts of kitchen chimney
Type of Filters

The kitchen chimneys come with three different kinds of filters – mesh filter or cassette filters, baffle filter and carbon filter. Like the filters in water filters, the filters in kitchen chimney are also the essential part.

Each type of filter has its own pros and cons. One needs to decide which should be opted for the requirement of their kitchen. We shall look at the detailed explanation of each type of filter in the latter part of this article.

Noise Level

The continuous noise of the running motor fitted in the kitchen chimney which carries out excess air circulation results in noise. This might be a little irritating and uncomfortable to work in the kitchen.

Thus, one should consider the noise level before buying the best kitchen chimney for home use in India.


The price of the kitchen chimney is a big investment. Thus, one needs to consider this factor well before buying the best kitchen chimney. The cost of the chimney varies highly. There are kitchen chimneys under Rs.10,000 and many even cost around Rs.40,000.

The price varies with different types of chimney and the features in-built in the chimney. Budget consideration becomes a very important factor when you invest such huge sum of money.

The above are the factors to be considered before making the best buy when it comes to a kitchen chimney in India.Let us now look at the few best options available in India.

List of Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Now that you have a thorough understanding of how to decide which is the best kitchen chimney in India, let us make it further easier for you by giving you the list of best chimneys available in India. This effort shall ensure you buy the perfect product for your beautiful kitchen.

Hindware Theo – Best Chimney with Motion Sensor Technology

Hindware Theo – Best Chimney with Motion Sensor Technology

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Eurodomo – Best Kitchen Chimney under Rs. 10000

Eurodomo– Best Kitchen Chimney under Rs. 10000

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Faber – Best Pyramid Wall Mounted Chimney

Faber – Best Pyramid Wall Mounted Chimney

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Elica – Best Curved Glass Wall Mounted Chimney

Elica– Best Curved Glass Wall Mounted Chimney

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Hindware Nevio – Best Thermal Auto-Clean Chimney in India

HindwareNevio–Best Thermal Auto-Clean Chimney in India

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These are a few best kitchen chimneys available in India. As we see, the baffle filter is the best suited type of filter when it comes to Indian cooking. However, there are other types of filters too. Let us see the different types of kitchen chimney filters.

Types of Kitchen Chimney Filters

There are three types of kitchen chimney filters of which the best for Indian kitchen is a baffle filter. We shall see the detailed description of each type of chimney filters.

Mesh Filter | Cassette Filter
Mesh Filters are made up of multiple layers of aluminium mesh. The oil and grease escaping from the food get trapped in this mesh allowing the air to pass out. The oil and grease in the mesh can lower the suction capacity due to the blockage which also leads to rising noise levels.


The operations with this kind of filter becomes really difficult if the mesh is not regularly cleaned. These filters require cleaning very often, say once in a week or so. This kind of filters is not a great choice when it comes to Indian cooking. No matter, the chimneys with mesh filters are cheaper.

Baffle Filter

Baffle filters are made up of multiple stainless steel curved panels. These stainless steel curves trap the oil and grease particles allowing the air to pass out. The oil and grease get accumulated in curves thus leaving the holes in the filter unblocked. Thus, the suction power and noise levels remain unaffected.

baffle filter

This kind of filter need not be cleaned occasionally. Cleaning once in a month shall suffice for smooth and efficient functioning of the kitchen chimney. The Indian cooking style can only suit this type of filter. They are slightly expensive but results are simply great.

Charcoal Filter

Charcoal Filters are made of charcoal slate with holes in it.   The holes in the slate absorb the oil and grease particles. Around quarterly, the filters get clogged leading to blockage and reduction in suction power and rising noise levels.


These filters are not washable and need to be replaced after a period of 3-4 months. This makes the charcoal filters an expensive choice. However, they are also a good option for Indian kitchens.

How to Clean Grease from Chimney Filters?

It is very important to clean the kitchen chimney filters. If not cleaned, the filter would get blocked. There are various options of cleaning the grease from chimney filters. Some are simple cleaning methods which can be easily carried out at home with things available at hand. Let us see different methods below:

Using Baking Soda, Vinegar and Salt

  • Mix all these ingredients in the boiling water.
  • Soak the filter in the water for 2-3 hours.
  • Remove the filter and simply scrub them.
  • Let it sun-dry.

Using Caustic Soda

  • Mix caustic soda in the hot boiling water.
  • Soak the filter in it for 2-3 hours.
  • Remove the filter and simply scrub them.
  • Let it sun-dry.
  • Make sure you are wearing gloves in this method.

Using Paint Thinner

  • Apply paint thinner and scrub with the help of brush. Apply to the dirty part until cleaned thoroughly.
  • Clean it with water and let it dry.

Using Detergent Powder

  • Boil the water and add detergent powder.
  • Allow the water to boil further.
  • Put the filters in the boiling water. (Do not turn off the gas)
  • Keep adjusting the flame so that water does not spill out.
  • Keep the filters in the water until the grease is removed.
  • Use toothbrush to remove oil and grease from filters.
  • Clean it with normal water.
  • Let it dry.
  • Make sure you are using the cloth to hold the filters when the gas is on.

These are the few best-recommended ways to clean grease from the filters. Also, there are ready liquid solutions available for cleaning grease. You can simply opt for them. One such product is Cleansol Powder.

Is Chimney Necessary in Kitchen?

Indian cooking involves a lot of tadkas and boiling activities which releases oil and steam in the air. These oil and steam gets settled on the base at the top of the cooking area. The grease and dirt on the ceiling or any other base make the kitchen look untidy spoiling the interiors of the kitchen. They are even difficult to clean.

To all these problems, the kitchen chimney shall be a great savior. We would say, every kitchen should have a chimney which does not affect the interiors of your kitchen. With best kitchen chimneys in India, you can now enjoy a smoke-free and comfortable cooking.

Concluding Thoughts on Different Types of Kitchen Chimneys in India

By the end of this post, we have come to know several things one should know before buying a kitchen chimney in India. Also, we have given you the list of the few latest and the best products available in India. This shall serve all your requirements with regards to a chimney for the Indian kitchen.

For any further suggestions and improvements kindly write to us in the comments section below.

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