Best Coffee Maker Machine for Indian Filter Coffee in India

Most of us love starting our day with a hot Maggie or a coffee. We have already discussed Maggie kettle. Of course, it can be an added experience to get the best-brewed coffee right inside your kitchen. It can be something that can help you get rejuvenated and the right choice to wake up your senses and enhances the degree of your mood. But, having to brew the coffee yourself can be a cumbersome task in itself. That is exactly where the options like Coffee makers come to your rescue. Again, there comes a dilemma as to which is the best coffee maker machine in India? But no worries, we are here you to guide you regarding this.

Best Coffee Maker in India – Factors to Consider

Like with any of the products that we normally check out, it is extremely important to ensure that you have enough number of checklists that you would want to check with your product. This will help you make a wiser choice than having to buy something that you are not normally interested in. Here are a few features you should check out to get the best coffee maker for Indian filter coffee.


That should ideally be the important factor that you would want to pay attention to. The capacity of the coffee maker will decide the amount of coffee you would want to prepare.

There are coffee machines that can help you make get one of a cup of coffee or multiple cups. It would also be dependent on the size of your family.

Type of Coffee Maker Machine

There are different types of coffee makers you would want to go with. The ones that come with a single cup functionality or the ones with multiple cup reservoirs. Drip coffee makers have been one of the popular options.

You can choose the best coffee maker in India that meets your needs perfectly. We have further discussed the types of coffee makers in the later part of the post.


The brewing temperature would be yet another important factor you need to be focussed on. The ideal brewing temperature should be somewhere between 196 to 205 degree Fahrenheit. This will ensure that you will get the best quality coffee ever.

The variable temperature control is yet another important element you would want to work on. The speed of brewing would also have a lot of importance attached to the quality of your coffee.

User-Friendly Functionality

The ease of use would be yet another perfect feature you would want to find on your coffee maker. Having to go through a huge learning curve may be something you would not be interested in. You should be able to get your coffee done in a few steps.

Also, you can check how to make thick filter coffee decoction in the coffee maker. The major part of the coffee brewing should be automatic with lesser human intervention. Ease of cleaning and maintenance would be yet another positive trait.

Filtration process

This should be yet another important element that would essentially improve the quality of your coffee further. A built-in filter basket may be a great option when you compare it to the paper filters that would need frequent changing.

However, it would take more time to clean up. They may not be as efficient in filtering the coffee.

Safety Features

The safety should be one of the most paramount concepts in using any of the electrical components. From that perspective, the overload protection should be one of the most important features you would look ahead in your choice of the best coffee maker.

The shockproof design is yet another safety feature that ideally needs attention.

These were a few important considerations when it comes to buying the best coffee maker machine in India. Now let us further go to which are the best options in India.

List of Best Coffee Maker Machines in India

Having checked out the best factors and features that you should look ahead for in your choice of best coffee makers in India, here are a few great options for the hot Indian Filter Coffee.

Best Coffee Maker for Indian Filter Coffee

Morphy Richards – Best Coffee Maker for Indian Filter Coffee

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Best Commercial/Home Use Coffee Machine in India

Preethi Cafe Zest – Best Commercial/Home Use Coffee Machine in India

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Expresso Coffee Machine for Home in India

Tecnora Classico – Expresso Coffee Machine for Home in India

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Philips – Best South Indian Coffee with Drip Maker in India

Philips – Best South Indian Coffee with Drip Maker in India

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These are the few best coffee makers we could find for you. Now let us take you through some information on coffee and coffee makers.

How to Make Thick Filter Coffee Decoction?

When it comes to coffee decoction, the best you would want to go with is to opt for the South Indian variety. The reason is obvious – South Indians want their coffee to be thicker and a little on the darker side. Something too sweet may not be a perfect choice. The Kitchen Mart stainless steel South Indian filter coffee drip maker shall serve the purpose best.

stainless steel South Indian filter coffee drip maker

The aromatic coffee in South India is something you would find quite impressive enough and efficient one. You would need to use a specially created coffee filter for the purpose.

Here are the steps involved in preparing the best of thicker coffee decoction.

  • The coffee filter normally consists of two sections of a vessel. Pour two tablespoons of the coffee powder in the upper container. Tap it gently enough so that the powder will settle in gently enough.
  • Boil water in another vessel and when it rolls boiling enough, pour it on the coffee powder.
  • Cover it and leave it to settle down for a few minutes.
  • The decoction will get collected in the lower container. 

Thickness can further be enhanced by adding chicory. However, chicory should not be added in quantities of more than 50 grams in one kg of coffee powder.

Make Filter Coffee Without a Filter

How to Make Filter Coffee Without a Filter?

Looks like an absurd question, isn’t it? But there are situations when you are looking for a perfect dose of filter coffee, but do not have a filter. Or you just do not like a filtered copy, but somehow find its taste a great choice.

Here are the best options for how to make a filter coffee without a filter –

The Turkish Coffee

This is the best option you can use as it provides you access to the best possible convenience in preparing it. You will need a small coffee pot for the purpose. Use it to measure the amount of water you would use to make coffee. Add up water and it will start boiling.

As soon as it begins boiling take it off from the heat. Add your ground coffee. Let it bloom and settle down slowly. Stir the coffee a little. Now keep it back on the heat for around a few seconds. Now let the coffee sit down.

Now begin pouring the coffee into the cups. Be extra careful to prevent the coffee from being slipped into the cups.

Use a Teabag

A tea bag can be one of the excellent options for preparing some of the nicest coffee. If you are looking to make a small amount of coffee and a few cups of smaller dimensions. It can be the best option to wrap the coffee grounds and the coffee dust and other debris if any.

The teabag is thinner than the paper filters used on the coffee makers and can be much helpful in seeping the coffee oil into the container or cup. Just make sure that you do not fill the teabag for more than halfway mark. If you fill it more than half, the contents will tend to spill off and you will not get the best experience of a filtered coffee.

Here is how you would do it –

  • Bring water to just a little below the boiling point.
  • Fill the teabag with the coffee grounds and place it inside the cup
  • Pour the water inside the teabag. Just ensure that the coffee grounds do not spill out
  • Wait till it sits down for a while and that should do it. 

Your filtered coffee without a filter is now ready.

Those were the two good options that should be helpful in brewing good filter coffee without a coffee filter. However, do note that it will be closer enough to filtered coffee, but will not be the filtered coffee in every possible manner.

In essence, any cloth-like item can be used as a tool for filtering your coffee or for preparing filtered coffee.

French Press vs Drip vs Filter Coffee Maker

French Press vs Drip vs Filter Coffee Maker

Coffee and coffee making has taken a new standard. There are several varieties of coffee that you would love to have. There are multiple coffee variants that include huge variations that would include espresso,  cappuccino, hazelnut and a host of other multiple options.

In fact, preparing coffee the way baristas do it is something that can only be cultivated based on one’s expertise. However, the availability of multiple machines has now made it much simple and easy to work with your own blend of coffee right away – without much of training.

There are actually two basic coffee maker varieties – French Press and Drip Coffee makers. How do they compare against one another?

When it comes to the common usage patterns, you would come to know that the French Press coffee makers are widely observed outside the US as in the UK or elsewhere, but most of the homes in the US use a Drip type coffee maker. The method used in them is simple. They have a container at the bottom and coffee grounds are placed in them. Hot water seeps through them and when the get boiled, they are pressed with the help of a plunger. The plunger also catches the grounds so that they will not end up inside your cup.

The drip machines use the option of heating up the water and getting the boiling water bubbles to get through the tube where the water is dispersed evenly inside the coffee grounds. The hot water would move over the coffee grounds creating a delicate taste and aroma. The coffee thus created then sips down to the waiting cup.

Which one is better among the two? Well, the choice would be dependent on a wide range of reasons.

Number of Brews Available

Drip machines can help you plan well ahead.  You should be able to get around 12 brews at a time with ease. Just set the grounds in the machine and keep them ready. When the time is ready, just press the switch and your coffee are ready.

A French press can handle two cups or a maximum of 8 cups. Moreover, anything left inside goes cold. A drip machine, on the other hand, will keep your brew hot.

Type of Grounds They can Handle

This can also be a major factor that can have a major role to play when you are opting for a particular machine type. French press machine will require coarse grind, while the drip machines would prefer a medium to fine ground.

Time Taken to Brew

A French press will take around 5 to 8 minutes to brew your coffee. A drip machine can take a longer time. Ideally, you would find that the time taken by a Drip machine would be somewhere around 10 minutes. That would not be a huge difference between the two.


The ease of use is yet another option that would need you to pay enough attention to the task. Cleaning up a French press machine should be simple and easy. It should ideally be the same for the drip machine as well.

Having gone through those details, we can now end up with the following inference –

  • A French press would be a good choice if you are looking for complete control over the brewing process.
  • A French press cannot keep the brew hot for a longer duration.
  • If you are pressed for time and cannot prepare fresh ground every time you wanted to have a cup of coffee, the drip machine should be a great choice.

However, drip machines can be a spoilsport if you have been experiencing frequent power cuts.

How to Make Coffee in the Microwave?

How to make coffee in the microwave?

Coffee can be made in more ways than one. Espresso makers, filters, French presses and a huge number of other options are what should ideally make it a perfect choice for your needs. But, can you use a microwave to make coffee?

Here are the steps involved in making the best coffee ever with your microwave –

  • Get your coffee cup or mug. Ensure that it is of the right size and type. Ensure that the cup is microwave friendly.
  • Fill up the mug with water
  • Heat the water inside the microwave. The heat timer can be set for about 60 seconds.
  • Add two tablespoons of ground coffee to the water. You can even add instant coffee if you want to.
  • Add sugar depending upon the amount you consume.
  • Add sugar, milk and other ingredients as per your preferences.
  • Let the coffee sit for a while. 

When most of your coffee is settled down really well enough, remove the coffee and enjoy your drink.

The Concluding Thoughts for Best Coffee Maker in India

We have always been coffee connoisseurs and you would find the adoration flowing throughout the above post. We cannot stop thinking about Coffee and the richness that it has offered to us all. We assume the additional information shared here with respect to the goodness of coffee should be one of the best collection of information for your needs.

The collection of the best coffee maker machines in India and how to choose them should have helped you reach the best of your decision. Feel free to share your thoughts and we promise we will make an all-out effort to answer your queries.

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