Best Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machines in India

Washing machines have become commonplace in an Indian home of late like any other home appliances. During the initial days, it was the semi-automatic washing machines that ruled the roost. They came with a simple mechanism and functionality and were in vogue. However, of late, the automatic washing machines have replaced the semi-automatic machines.

Of them again, the front loading washing machines have become quite popular. The fully automatic front-loading machines come with a front-loading mechanism instead of loading from the top. These machines use the tumbling action for cleaning up your clothes.

However, choosing the right front loading washing machine can be a difficult task as such. We will check out a few features that you should know about so that your choice of the front load washing machine offers you complete freedom from the worries related to washing the clothes.

Buying Guide for Best Front Load Washer in India

Every home appliance be it a water heater or an iron box has certain considerations to be kept in mind. We can say it is a sort of checklist, here are a few factors that can be helpful in choosing the best front loading washing machine for your home in India.

Number of Wash Programs

The multiple wash programs can be quite helpful in arriving at the right quality of washing for your clothes. Make sure your washing machine has enough programs to support almost every type of clothes.

A water saver mode should also be a good inclusion in cases when there is a shortage of water. Special program for delicate material like wool or muslin would be an added advantage.


The capacity of the washing machine refers to the maximum load it can handle for one wash cycle. An ideal capacity for a regular family should be 6.5kgs or 7kgs.

However, if you have a large family or tend to change the clothes quite frequently throughout the day, a machine with 8 Kg may be a good option.

A good standard can be as in this table –

Number of persons Washing machine capacity
One Under 5 kg
Two Between 5 and 5.5 kg
Two children and a couple 6 to 7 Kg
More than 4 members 8 kg
For a company or restaurant 10 Kg
Spin Speed

If the spin speed is faster, you will find that the machine tends to produce a heavier noise. The standard spin speed would be the 800 to 1200 RPM would be the right option.

However, faster spin speed will also mean a better washing performance. Do note that the faster spin speed will also translate into more power consumption.

Type of Drum

The drum type that the washing machine comes with would be yet another aspect you would want to check out. The most commonly found option is a plastic drum. Some washing machines are constructed with a stainless steel drum.

The plastic drum is easy to clean and is not affected by hard water, however, it suffers from the durability angle. The Stainless Steel drum can be durable but faces issues like corrosion or other reactions with the water quality.

Extra features

A look for a few additional features would be an advantage. It can get the best out of your washing machine. A quick wash, for instance, can be the right one if you are in a hurry. The speed setting manually can be yet another exciting feature.

The Bubble wash functionality introduces extra bubbles and thus can help in better cleaning. Check out for the additional features that would prove to be helpful for your washing regime.

These were a few considerations to be kept in mind when it comes to buying a best front load washer for your home in India. They should be very well kept in mind before making the best buy.

4 Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India

Having checked out the list of features that you should look for in your new front loading washing machines, here are a few best options for the best washing machines in India under 15000 or 20000 you can go with. Let us now check the details of each product.

Bosch Inverter Fully-Automatic – Best 8kgs Washing Machine in India

Bosch Inverter Fully-Automatic – Best 8kgs Washing Machine in India 

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IFB Fully-Automatic – Best Washing Machine of around Rs.20000

IFB Fully-Automatic – Best Washing Machine of around Rs.20000

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BPL Fully-Automatic – Best Washing Machine under Rs.15000

BPL Fully-Automatic – Best Washing Machine under Rs.15000

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LG 8.0 Kgs – Best Front Load Washer in India

LG 8.0 Kgs – Best Front Load Washer in India

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These were a few best front loading washing machines available in India. You simply need to select the right produt for your home. Now, let us see certain facts about the washing machine.

Who Invented the Washing Machine?

Who Invented the Washing Machine?

The actual inventor of the washing machine is not known as such. There have been multiple inventors who have been attributed to be the inventors. Of course, the evidence suggests to the use of washing machines in the 16h century.

Of course, the earlier machines were not equivalent to today’s washing machines. The machines were improved from time to time. The first patent for the washing machines was observed in 1691 in England. He invented the scrub washing machine in 1767.

However, the honors of inventing the washing machine has been attributed to Jacob Christian Schäffer, a German scientist. However, the first washing machine with a drum was patented in 1851. The American James King has been attributed to this.

The first washing machine used in a home was built by William Blackstone of Indiana. He built the washing machine for his wife, and it has been considered to be the first official washing machine. If you are looking to know about the first washing machine that has electric power, it was in 1908 that the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago builds a machine with an electric motor and a tub.

It took another 50 years to arrive at the first similar device with push buttons. It was in 1957 that these machines were launched for the first time.

Can I use Normal Detergent in Front Load Washing Machine?

Can I use Normal Detergent in Front Load Washing Machine?

High efficiency or front-loading machines are designed with the purpose of cleaning the clothes using less energy with enough savings on water and detergent. These machines use specially formulated detergents for effective washing.

Of course, using the regular detergents for the front load washing machines may not be an issue as such. Even then, there is a specifically formulated suds free detergent for use with the front load machines. They would cost more than regular detergents but offer a high degree of ability in cleaning up your clothes. Ideally speaking, we would advise you to use normal detergent only when there is no special detergent available.

And there is one more precaution. When using regular detergent in a front load washing machine, make sure you have opted for a lower amount of the detergent. If you are using 1 or 2 tablespoons of high-efficiency detergent, the amount for the regular detergents should be around a drop or two. This will help you avoid a sudsing issue.

How to Clean Front Load Washing Machine?

Like we have already understood, the front load washing machines are designed for using less water and detergent. But, when it comes to cleaning them, there are a few special instructions you need to follow.

Use the Tub Clean Feature

Your front-loading washer should ideally have an option for the clean cycle, clean Tub or Tub Clean on your washing machine. You can use this option for cleaning your washing machine.

Make sure your washing machine is empty. Chose the option for Tub Clean and let the machine take its course to complete the task. Do note that the cycle for tub clean can range into hours and ideally is the longest cycle programmed into your front load washing machine.

If your washing machine does not come with a Tub Clean feature, you can choose the longest cycle on your machine and follow the on screen instructions.

Add Two Cups of Vinegar
Adding up two cups of vinegar when cleaning up your washing machine can be yet another excellent option. Make sure you put the vinegar in the detergent tray. This can be helpful in getting the mildew deposits removed. You can also use it to remove the deposits and odour causing elements.
Use a Hot Wash Cycle

Using the hot wash cycle with bleach can be yet another excellent option. If the washing machine does not come with a hot washer option, you can fill up the washing machine with the right amount of hot water. Use two cups of bleach to the detergent tray.

Once that done, you can turn on the tub clean option. In the case of non-availability of the tub clean function, you can use the longest setting to get the best functionality. Bleach can be helpful enough in the removal of stains and other germs from your clothes.

Run an Additional Cycle
Once you have both those cycles – with Vinegar and Bleach – run an additional cycle. But do not add up anything to the tub this time. Run the same cycle – tub clean or largest cycle – with clean water and nothing else. This will be helpful enough in removing the residue if any.
Clean up the Accessories

Remove the detergent tray and other filters. Do check if they are detachable. Some washing machines may not let you remove the detergent trays or other accessories. Clean them separately with detergents and other suitable chemicals.

You can soak them up in a bucket filled with detergent water and leave them for a few minutes. Clean them with a sponge or rag. Dry the components before putting them back in the place.

Clean the Rubber Gasket and the Outside of the Machine

Remove the gasket around the washer door and clean it up. Check for any deposits and dirt and clean them up as well. Replace the rubber gasket or seal after cleaning it up thoroughly.

If the seal has accumulated sticky debris, use the same method used for the components in the above step. Use bleach water solution for cleaning up the seal thoroughly. Make sure the seal is completely dry before placing it back in its position.

Use a normal cleaner and damp cloth to clean up the exteriors of the machine.

That should do it. Cleaning up your front load washing machine is done with ease.

The following video provides a better insight into the concept of cleaning your front load washing machine-

The Parting Thoughts on Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India

So, that would have helped you in everything related to the front load washing machines. Right from buying a machine, using it and cleaning it up, the information provided here should ideally assist you in more ways than one. Right from washing the clothes to ironing them with a dry iron or steam iron is a tedious task that is made easier with the help of these front load washers.

For any suggestions and improvements on best-selling washing machines in India write to us in the comments section below.

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