Best LED Smart TV in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

The television, like a washing machine or a refrigerator, has become the most considerable appliance in recent times. Gone are the days when we enjoyed the programs on TV on those conventional TV sets that sat at a corner. The focus these days has been on LED TVs. In fact, LED TVs have surged ahead in the competition and have crowned themselves to be the most common technology found in almost every home.

In fact, the TV has become one of the focal points around which the interior decoration of your living room is based on. From that perspective, we thought we will compile a list of the best LED TVs in India so that you will be able to refine your search and get access to the best buying experience ever.

Buying Guide for Best LED TV in India

Like with every other home appliance we have been discussing here, having a handy list of a few salient features can help you make a worthy purchase. Here are a few factors that would assume a lot of importance when you are looking to buy the best LED smart TV for your home.

Screen Size

The larger screen size will translate into a better option. But, the price too goes up with the size. The size you choose for your LED TV would also be dependent on the placement you have planned or the orientation of your living room.

The rule of thumb will be to go with a size of 55 inches if your living room is large enough. For bedrooms and smaller sized living rooms, a screen size of 32 to 43 inches would be an ideal choice.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution determines the picture quality that you can have access to. 4K TVs offer you exceptional quality in terms of images, but can be expensive. The best TV in the budget range would be a full HD resolution, or an HD ready option can be a good a choice if you are looking at a tight budget.

An HD Ready TV should be a good option as of now as there are no TV channels that broadcast in 1080p. In case you want to be future-ready, you can invest in a TV that has 4K resolution of a Full HD option. However, technology can further change at that time.

Refresh Rate

A faster refresh rate will transform into a better viewing experience. That would be truer in case of the faster action sequences or sporting events that involve a faster motion. A 60 Hz refresh rate is quite common, but if you can get a good YV with a refresh rate beyond that, it may be a good option.

If you are looking to vivid colors or are into gaming on your TV, a minimum refresh rate of 120 Hz would be desirable. This can help you avoid the jittery scenes or blurry action sequences. The manufacturers these days have been employing different terminologies to explain this concept.

Audio Quality

The Audio Quality of a TV is typically represented by the RMS value. A TV that specifies 5 W + 5 W RMS will deliver audio at 5 W from the individual speakers. A larger RMS value will indicate a louder volume. However, if you are living in an apartment, a high audio quality in terms of volume may not be necessary.

Option for Dolby Surround or other similar technology would be a great option. That would help you get access to realistic sound experience. A decent sized room will need a 20 W RMS value.  A maximum for a larger sized room would be 30 W.

Remote Control

If you are buying a Smart TV, the dedicated buttons for a few specific services such as Netflix or YouTube would be a great option to look for in your TV remote. A built-in Mic and Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with your TV can be an added advantage.

The rule of the thumb should be a remote should not have a clutter of buttons that makes it rather difficult to use the features. However, a too minimalistic approach can also be a difficult one to handle. Striking the right balance would be what makes it a great choice.


The number of connections available on the TV is yet another excellent option to consider. Pay attention to the HDMI inputs to be precise. Manufacturers tend to reduce the cost by shaving off the number of HDMI ports.

The HDMI ports will be helpful in connecting devices like Set-Top Boxes, Amazon Fire Stick, or even a gaming console. A minimum of three HDMI ports, along with a couple of other ports, would be a great choice to make.

These are a few very important considerations when it comes to buying the best LED TV in India. These shall help you make the best choice for your needs and décor. Now, let us see the best options available in India.

5 Best LED Smart TVs In India (Review)

Having understood the right features, you need to look for in your new LED TV; here we go with our top picks for the best LED TV in India.

Mi PRO HD – Best 32 Inch LED TV in India

Mi PRO HD – Best 32 Inch LED TV in India

Buy from Amazon

Micromax – Best 43 Inch Full HD LED TV in India

Micromax – Best 43 Inch Full HD LED TV in India

Buy from Amazon

eAirtec – Best 40 Inch LED TV in India

eAirtec – Best 40 Inch LED TV in India

Buy from Amazon

Kodak – Best 55 Inch LED Smart TV in India

Kodak – Best 55 Inch LED Smart TV in India

Buy from Amazon

OnePlus – Best 55 Inch Android QLED Smart TV in India

OnePlus – Best 55 Inch Android QLED Smart TV in India

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This list should definitely help you get the best LED TV for your home or the living room. The smart TV shall give you amazing experience in case you are looking for entertainment. Now, let us see a few very commonly raised queries on LED TV.

How to Fix Vertical Banding on LED TV?

The TV Banding is the unrealistic solid strips of color that tend to display on your TV screen where you should actually find a smooth transition. It can affect a TV display when there is a gradual change of color and gradation.

What can cause it? There can be multiple reasons that can cause this issue. One of them can be because of the source of the video may contain more colors than the screen can handle. Finding the exact reason for this issue may not be easy.

Addressing it can depend upon your TV and its manufacturer. A few models come with an option in the settings to take care of banding. Sony TVs, for instance, have a sting called Smooth Gradation. Switching off a few extra features on your TV can also help you resolve the issue. In extreme cases, however, you would need to swap the screen.  

How to Remove Scratch from an LED TV Screen?

The LED screens can get scratched for varied reasons. Of course, some of the scratches may not be easy to repair. But, a few household techniques can help you make them disappear.

Let us check out a few of the tips that can be helpful in this context –

Use Petroleum Jelly

Take a teaspoonful of petroleum jelly on a microfiber cloth and buff it across the LED screen. Once all the scratches are filled, wipe off the extra jelly using a clean cloth. The scratches will now be slightly lighter. Of course, they will not go off.

If the scratches appear once again, you will need to reapply the method.

Pencil Eraser Method

Clean the area that has scratches with a little water and a clean cloth. Once the area has dried off completely, take a pencil eraser and start rubbing gently over the scratches. Keep rubbing till the scratch disappears.

Make sure that you are using a clean pencil eraser. A used one will have graphite particles and may further create new scratches. It can even make the screen appear dirtier.

Isopropyl Alcohol Method

Prepare a cleaning solution with Isopropyl Alcohol and water. Use one part of Isopropyl Alcohol in 20 parts of water to prepare the solution. Take a clean cloth dabbed into this cleaning solution and clean the scratch gently.

Now take a swab and dip in water to clean the alcohol from the screen. The technique works by dissolving the anti-glare solution and filling the scratch with it. Never use strong alcohol. Also, make sure that you do not use it further if the alcohol smudges the screen.

These few methods are easily doable at home if you want to remove a scratch from an LED TV screen.

Closing Remarks on Best LED TV in India

Well, those were the few best LED Smart TV options you can check out in India. The additional information with respect to your LED TVs can be quite helpful in many ways to take care of your LED TV. I hope, you have got sufficient information as you have been getting for many other home appliances.

Right from the highly affordable options to the expensive ones, you will find a wide range of options in this list. Check them out and share your experiences regarding the best LED TV in India with us.

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