Best RO Water Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000

Just like an inverter is required for power backup or a kitchen chimney is required to absorb smoke in the kitchen, water purifiers are also required to purify the water. Nowadays, the pollutants in the air and water have caused water contamination. This contaminated water may lead to water-borne diseases. Thus, it has become really important to have a water purifier in every house.

However, there are several considerations to be kept in mind to buy the best water purifier for home in India. Also, there are different types of water purifiers one needs to know to decide the perfect purifier for one’s home. Now, let us first see what are the considerations to buy the best water purifier?

Considerations for Buying the Best RO Water Purifier for Home in India

Like any other electrical appliance, the RO water purifiers also have certain factors to be considered before buying it. Let us look at each of the factors in detail.

Water Quality

Water quality for the water purifier shall be measured in terms of TDS (Total Dissolved Salts). It is expressed in terms of milligrams (mg) per litre of water also referred to as parts per million (ppm). The contaminants in the water are determined with TDS meter which enables you to choose the right water purifier for homes in India.

You need to check the TDS level of water in your locality, to determine which filtration technology shall suit the purification process in your home.

Water Pressure

This is really important. In fact, many water purifiers come with a low-pressure indicator which indicates that the inflow water pressure is not sufficient enough for the purifier to perform the process.

Thus, the water purifiers need a proper water pressure level to match the purification capacity of it.

Type of Water Purifier

The TDS level helps you determine the type of water purifier you need for your home. If the TDS level is less than 200, you can opt for UV/UF technology and if it is greater than 200, you can opt for RO technology.

However, these days many water purifiers are available with all these purifying technologies inbuilt in a single water purifier enabling multi-stage purification process.

One can also classify the water purifier on the basis of its placement – wall mounted or place it on countertop.

Storage Capacity

This shall be the most important consideration when it comes to water purifiers. Depending on the number of members in your family, you shall choose the appropriate filter for your family.

The water purifiers are available in different capacities like 7-litre, 8-litre, 9-litres and many more.

Product Dimension
Depending on the space and design of your kitchen one needs to select the water purifier with appropriate dimensions (length*width*height). Every product is designed in different dimensions. One needs to select the appropriate size for one’s home.

These are a few important considerations when it comes to deciding on which is the best water purifier for homes in India. Now, let us glance at few best water purifier options available in India.

List of Best Water Purifiers for Home in India

Now that we are aware of the factors to be considered to buy the best product available in India, here we are to make your task easier by shortlisting a few of them for metro cities like Mumbai or different sources of water.

Best Water Purifier for Cities like Mumbai

KENT Prime Plus – Best Water Purifier for Cities like Mumbai

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Best Water Purifier for Home in India

Eureka Forbes Aquasure – Best Water Purifier for Home in India

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Best Water Purifier for Municipal Water under Rs.10000

Blue Star Aristo – Best Water Purifier for Municipal Water under Rs.10000

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Best Water Purifier for Borewell Water in India

KENT New Grand – Best Water Purifier for Borewell Water in India

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These are the 4 best and latest RO water purifiers for homes in India under Rs.15000. They are budget-friendly and definitely give you safe and healthy lifestyle. Now, let us see a few more topics related to water purifiers like types, benefits of purified water, etc. which can be of great use for you.

Types of Water Purifiers

The water purifiers can be simply classified based on the technology used in it. Following is the classification:

Based on the TDS of the water in your locality, you should select the best water purifier for your home. For that, you first need to check the TDS of water with TDS meter.

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Benefits of Water Purifier

Water indeed is the most essential ingredient in anyone’s life. We can say, it is required for survival. However, water from all sources is not safe enough for consumption without being purified. Water purification shall serve you with pure and clean water which shall give you many health benefits:

  • Drinking purified water early in the morning can rehydrate your body, improve your metabolism and fuel your brain to keep you active for the entire day.
  • Purified water is required at the time of performing any exercise to keep hydrating your body. No wonder, purified water gives a glow to your skin if consumed in the right quantity.
  • Water can help you lose weight. If water is consumed at regular intervals, you tend to reduce on your snacking habits. This, in turn, leads to losing weight.
  • Water purification shall provide you with clean and pure water which leads to better digestion.
  • The water purification removes the following harmful chemicals:
  • Arsenic: It can be Carcinogenic leading to cancer.
  • Aluminium: Its increased consumption can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, hyperactivity, skin problems, etc.
  • Fluoride: It can weaken the immune system and can cause cellular damage that accelerates aging.

These are a few benefits of consuming purified water. There are several others. These benefits make it a must to have a water purifier for any home or office. This product shall give many a safe and healthy life.

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RO Waste Water Reuse

The RO water purifiers throw out a lot of water which gets wasted if not used optimally. This wastewater can be used for many cleaning and other activities. However, you need to check the TDS of this rejected water to ensure this water is not inappropriate for any other use. Here is the list of ways for RO wastewater reuse.

  1. Wash the Utensils: Washing your utensils is almost an everyday task. This uses a lot of wastewater from RO water purifiers.
  2. Mop the Floor: One can use the rejected water from RO for mopping the floor. The use of this wastewater from RO may cause stains on the floor due to dissolved particles and salts in it. For this, you need to mix tap water with this rejected water to dilute the wastewater.
  3. Pre-rinsing your Clothes: One can wash clothes with this rejected water. However, this water may not be suitable for all kinds of fabrics. You need to be very careful about this fact.
  4. Flushing your Toilet: Around 5 to 7 litres of water gets used for cleaning and flushing the toilets every day. This is where you can reuse the rejected water from RO water purifiers.
  5. Watering the plants: Here, you need to be really careful, since high TDS water may not be useful for all the plants in your garden. You need to dilute the water before using it for gardening. The high TDS water may cause loss of soil porosity and harm the fertility of the soil in the long run.
  6. Bathing: Bathing is another activity that is undertaken by every individual regularly. However, you may not be able to use this rejected water directly for bathing. The wastewater needs to be diluted for using it to take a bath. The high TDS water may harm your skin.

These were a few ways of re-using RO wastewater. There are many other ways like washing the car, for irrigation, etc.

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TDS of RO Water | Water TDS for Human Body

Where the TDS in the water is greater than 200 ppm up to 500 ppm, one shall use RO purifying technology. If TDS is greater than 2000, the domestic water purifier shall not be sufficient. You need to buy a water softening solution.

The table mentioned below provides a permissible range of TDS in drinking water and reasons for why the TDS level mentioned in water is not acceptable for drinking:

TDS Level (Milligram/Litre) Remarks
Less than 50 Unacceptable as it lacks essential minerals
50-150 Acceptable for drinking. The TDS level is ideal for areas where the water polluted by sewage or industrial waste
150-250 Good. The water is ideal for people with cardiovascular disease
250-350 Good. The water is ideal for people with cardiovascular disease
350-500 Fairly acceptable
500-900 Less acceptable
900-1200 Least acceptable. Avoid drinking water which has a TDS level of 900
1200-2000 Water is not acceptable for drinking.
Above 2000 Unacceptable


According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the upper limit of TDS level in water is 500 ppm. The TDS level recommended by WHO, however, is 300 ppm.

Concluding Thoughts for Best RO Water Purifiers in India

Like any other kitchen appliance, water purifiers are also important for any household. In this post, we have tried to highlight the factors to be considered to buy the best RO water purifier for your home in India. Also, we have given you the details of a few best water purifiers available online. This shall serve you best if you are looking for the water purifier in your home.

For any suggestions and improvements on the best RO water purifiers in India, you can write to us in the comments section below.


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