7 Best Sandwich Maker in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

Traditionally, mothers used chapati tawa for toasting the sandwich. With the technology advancement there came gas toasters, then the Sandwich Makers, grillers and now the most trending panini press. However, you must be wondering, which is the best sandwich maker in India. Also, you need to know the factors to consider for making the best buy. In this post, we shall give you all these details.

The Comprehensive Guide- Best Sandwich Maker in India

Like every kitchen these days needs a mixer grinder, sandwich maker has become another need. No kitchen goes without having one. Indeed, the increasing trends of eating sandwiches, have made it must to have a griller/toaster/sandwich maker in every house. To make the best buy, one needs to know the factors to be considered. Following are the few considerations:

Outer Body

One shall ensure that the outer body of the toaster is cool-to-touch. This is a safety feature which enables even a person new to cooking to easily make sandwiches. Also, one can go for steel or a plastic outer body whichever suits your need.

The stainless steel body with cool touch shall last more than the plastic outer body. Indeed! The plastic body does not break easily, but it might not be as durable and strong as a stainless steel body.

Power Consumption

The sandwich makers generally do not consume excess power. The power consumption varies from 750 to 2000 watts. This ensures the electricity bills do not soar high due to use of this appliance.

One shall consider the power consumption of the sandwich maker before making the best buy. Not just that the Borosil toaster consumes 2000 watts but gives amazing additional features. One shall consider the overall product.

Grill Plates

There are toasters and grillers available in the market. The grillers have horizontal lines, whereas the toaster makes sandwiches which can be cut into triangular halves. It is absolutely your choice whether you want a toaster or a griller.

Nowadays, the Panini press has also become popular which is also called a griller. People opt more for grillers than the toasters. The grillers make the sandwich crisp. No doubt, the masala toast sandwiches definitely taste best with the toasters.

Heating Plate

Nowadays, unlike the traditional iron toaster there are non-stick toasters in the market. The non-stick property makes the food healthy as all the excess oil and butter is removed.

There are hardly any traditional iron toasters. However, this becomes an important consideration. Also, the Double Teflon Coating on a non-stick plate makes it durable and long-lasting. One shall opt for non-stick grilling plate with Double Teflon coating.


The light indicator can be said to be another safety feature. All the toasters come with the indicators. The red light indicating the power on and the green light indicating that the toaster has been heated up and is ready to make the sandwiches.

Also, few sandwich makers have adjustable temperature settings wherein you can adjust the temperature from high to low as per your requirement.

Non-skid Feet
One shall ensure that the sandwich maker has non-skid feet to avoid falling and giving a sturdy surface to it. The non-skid feet is a great concern because if the toaster keeps moving there might be some damage to the toaster thus making it completely useless.

List of Best Sandwich Makers in India

best grill sandwich maker in india

Prestige – Best Grill Sandwich Maker in India

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Best panini press in india

Nova NGS – Best Panini Press in India

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Pigeon- Best sandwich toaster in india

Pigeon – Best Sandwich Toaster in India

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Best Sandwich Maker for Parties

Borosil – Best Sandwich Maker for Parties

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Best sandwich maker under 1000

Solimo – Best Sandwich Maker Under 1000

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Best Gas Toaster in India

Anjali – Best Gas Toaster in India

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Best 3 in 1 waffle maker in India

Wonderchef – Best Waffle Maker in India

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Types of Sandwich Maker

There are different types of sandwich makers as follows:

  1. Grill Sandwich Maker
  2. Toast Sandwich Maker
  3. Panini Press

These days, people prefer sandwich makers with interchangeable plates wherein you can grill, toast and make waffles. Such 3 in 1 toasters are of a great use and convenience. They occupy very little storage space with 3 functions in it.

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How to use a Sandwich Maker?

Sandwich maker is really simple to use. The following are the few steps to follow to make your sandwiches ready:

  1. Plug-in the sandwich maker and close the clamp when it is heating up. As we saw in the post, almost every sandwich maker has an indicator wherein red light indicates that the toaster is heating up and green indicates that the toaster is ready for making a sandwich.
  2. Prepare a sandwich of your choice which tastes good when grilled or toasted.
  3. Slightly grease the sandwich maker on to both the plates when the indicator turns green.
  4. Place the sandwich which you want to toast without touching the heating plate.
  5. Once the indicator is again red the sandwich shall be ready.
  6. Remove the sandwich with a wooden or silicon spatula and place it in the plate.
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What is the difference between Sandwich Maker and a Griller?

The Sandwich maker comes in two types- a toaster and a griller. Normally, the electric toaster allows you to make two sandwiches at a time. The sandwich is toasted and cut into two triangular halves once it is well toasted and crisp brown. The toaster heats up and cooks the filling of the sandwich well.

The griller on the other hand has horizontal lines which makes the sandwich crisp. The griller does not heat and cook the filling like the toaster. The griller unlike a toaster makes the sandwich more crisp and tasty.

People nowadays, generally opt for the griller over a sandwich maker.

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What are different things you can make in a Sandwich Maker?

When we talk about the sandwich maker, we not only can make a sandwich in it but there are many other items which can be grilled in it. Specially, the grilling plate sandwich makers are of a great use. Following are the few things other than a sandwich one can make:

  1. Toast a potato patties.
  2. Bake Mini Pan cakes
  3. Panini press can be used to make waffles.
  4. Grill vegetables like zuccini, bell peppers, capsicum, mushrooms, etc.
  5. A french croissant
  6. Make bread croutons for soups and salads
  7. Spinach Omellete
  8. Make crispy hashbrowns.

The list doesn’t end here, cooking is an art and you can create your own dish if you wish to using this one of the amazing kitchen appliances.

Conclusion on Best Sandwich Makers in India

Like a mixer grinder, a sewing machine and many other home appliances, the sandwich maker has become another necessity in the house. There are many who want to know which is the best toaster or a griller. Here, in this post we have given you the list of best and reasonable toasters or sandwich makers in India. Not just that, we have also listed a few factors to be considered before buying the best sandwich maker.

We have tried to give all the necessary details about the product. Hope, it is of great use to you. For any improvements and suggestions write to us in the form below.

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