Best Soundbars in India under 5000 | 10000 | 15000 with Subwoofer

Whether you have a LED TV or a home theatre, a soundbar would be one of the most preferred options ever. In fact, there are several advantages to having a soundbar. A soundbar is a device that aims at making your music crystal clear. The vocals and other audio enhancements would be clearer enough with a soundbar.

Before checking for the best soundbar options to buy in India, let us check how to pick the right soundbar in India under 5000 | 10000 | 15000.

How to Pick a Soundbar for Music in India?

As with any other home appliances, it would be essential enough to give a thought to the best features in your Soundbar before finalizing one of them. Feature differences might be an individual choice, but a few essential factors would definitely make your soundbar efficiently functional. Let us now highlight a few of them.

Connectivity Options

The number of available connections would be one of the best options you would want to check out. A few critical connectivity options would be HDMI, HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

If you have one connection option, HDMI should be preferable. It would provide compatibility with more audio formats. The HDMI ARC compatibility would give yet another added advantage.

Active or Passive Soundbars

Active soundbars would be an excellent option for a plug and play compatibility. You do not need to be tech-savvy for achieving the right sort of connectivity. They come packed with amplifiers, signal processors and speakers in one package.

The Passive soundbars would be a little difficult to setup. You would need to opt for each of the components and connect them.


Soundbars come in different shapes and sizes. They would also be available with multiple placement options. While some of them come with the capability of wall mounting, a few others would need to be placed below your TV.

When choosing your soundbar size, ensure that you have taken enough care to check the room dimensions. The key is to find if it works well with your TV.

Number of Channels

The number of channels you choose would be one of the features you would need to give a thought to if you really want to have access to a more robust audio experience. Most of the preferred soundbars would have a 5.1 channel output.

You can, however, go with a 2.1 channel or 3.1 channel output if you are looking for a soundbar for a smaller room. The Dolby ATMOS can be yet another option you would want to check out for improved efficiency.


Subwoofers would add that extra effect to your music. Soundbars may come with differential performance characteristics when it comes to the subwoofers. Most of the soundbars in India come with a built-in subwoofer functionality. A few brands would offer external subwoofer.

What kind of options are you looking for would be dependent on the kind of music fan you are. You would need a subwoofer for a cinematic audio experience. A built-in subwoofer may limit you in terms of an upgrade.

Extra Features

Some of the additional features you would want to have access to would include:

  • Voice Assistance – Compatibility with personal assistance options such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa would be an added advantage. They can form an excellent replacement for a remote.
  • Dialogue Settings – If you are fond of movies, this would be one of the essential aspects you would want to have access to. The setting should ideally provide you access to speech clarity for the dialogues.
  • Equalizer – Separate equalizer settings would be yet another factor that would enhance the audio performance. Ideally, most of the soundbars come with a built-in equalizer. 

These features shall definitely serve you with the best soundbars in India. To ease your task, we have shortlisted a few best budget soundbars in India.

5 Cheap and Best Budget Soundbars in India

Well, now that we are aware of the right features you need to look for in your choice of soundbars, it should no be easy enough to find your choice of the soundbars. Let us check out a few options that we found much impressive enough.

Blaupunkt SBW100 – Best Soundbar in India under Rs. 10000

Blaupunkt SBW100 – Best Soundbar in India under Rs. 10000

Buy from Amazon

Portronics POR-891 – Cheap and Best Soundbar in India

Portronics POR-891 – Cheap and Best Soundbar in India

Buy from Amazon

JBL Bar 5.1 – Best and Powerful Soundbar for 4K TV with Subwoofer

JBL Bar 5.1 – Best and Powerful Soundbar for 4K TV with Subwoofer

Buy from Amazon

Sony HT-RT3 – Best Soundbar Around Rs. 15000 with Subwoofer

Sony HT-RT3 – Best Soundbar Around Rs. 15000 with Subwoofer

Buy from Amazon

Mi Soundbar – Best Soundbar in India under Rs.5000

Mi Soundbar – Best Soundbar in India under Rs.5000

Buy from Amazon

These are a few best soundbars in India with subwoofer for good music and sound quality that you desire. However, one might think of opting for a home theatre over a soundbar. In that case, let us understand the difference between soundbar and home theatre.

Soundbars vs Home Theatre – Which is the Best?

Well, which among a soundbar and home theatre should you choose? It would need you to go through a comparison between the two options so that you will have a clear understanding of what to choose.

Let us first check the arguments in favor of the soundbars. Most of us tend to believe that a soundbar is a single speaker. In essence, they have multiple speakers inside one single bar. That would make it sit comfortably on a wall or sit beneath a TV. You can expect a definite surround styled audio on a soundbar.

The surround sound effects available on a soundbar can either be 3D or Surround Sound. You will find it simulating the surround sound audio experience. The bass performance and low-frequency sounds can be a great option on the soundbars.

What makes a soundbar a great option? Well, here are our analysis and related Pros ad Cons.


  • Ease of setup.
  • Minimalistic setup required.
  • Compact size and reasonable pricing.


  • It may not be suitable for the best surround sound experience in the larger rooms.

What are the features that would make a home theatre a good option? Here are a few features that would make it one of the perfect options.

A home theatre provides you access to plenty of freedom in setting it up. You can have access to 5.1, 7.1 or even a 2.1 set up based on your exact requirements. That would mean it would provide you access to an enhanced theatre-style audio performance. You would be able to customize the set up as per your personal preferences.

What are the advantages and disadvantages offered by a home theatre setup? Here we go with the Pros and cons.


  • An exceptional surround sound experience.
  • Multiple channel options that can be configured.
  • Multiple channel options.


  • A large number of components that may cause a clutter.
  • Will need a lot of wiring needs.

In fact, the home theatre and a soundbar are designed for a separate set of tasks. A soundbar is used for compensating the audio performance on a regular TV. A home theatre, on the other hand, would be what offers an extra audio experience.

A home theatre would be a costly affair, and if your requirements do not necessarily warrant a home theatre, it would be one of the best options to go with a soundbar. Ultimately, it would be dependent on the exact purpose that you are looking for.

Now, a few common questions that would come to anyone’s mind regarding the soundbars.

FAQs With Respect to The Soundbar

In case you are wondering about a few factors with respect to the soundbars and trying to find answers to a few questions that you may have, the FAQs here would be helpful enough.

Q – Can you add speakers to your Soundbar?
A – Well, that would be dependent on the Soundbar you choose. Some of them can let you add speakers, while a few would not. In case your Soundbar is capable of multi-room functionality, you should be able to add extra speakers.
Q – Does a soundbar need a receiver?
A soundbar does not require a receiver. You may find a subwoofer on some devices while a few of them may have a built-in subwoofer.
Q – Do you need a remote to control a soundbar
A – The new age soundbars come with a functionality of the universal remote. The remote would be an excellent option to ensure that you can control the audio performance without having to touch your Soundbar.

Conclusion on Best Budget Soundbars in India

Well, those were a few exciting choices for the best soundbars in India that you can check out. In fact, choosing a soundbar these days is instead a difficult task. With a wide range of choices and features available on soundbars at different price points, you would be lost for choice.

We assume the tips and ideas shared here should help you make a learned choice with respect to the best soundbars for your TV. For any suggestions and improvements on best soundbars in India, write to us in the comments section below.

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