Best 200AH Tubular Battery in India

4 Best Inverter Batteries for Home in India – Amazing Guide

Inverters can indeed be considered a blessing in disguise. They help you stay connected even when you have a power cut. Especially in a country like India, where the power cuts are quite common across cities and towns, an inverter can come quite handy enough in taking care of your power requirements. However, an inverter is nothing if not for …

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Types of Water Purifiers

Types of Water Purifiers & Different Purification Methods

The water nowadays contains a lot of contaminants due to pollution in the environment. This can be dangerous to human health. However, with the advancement of technology there is no problem to which there hasn’t come any solution. The water purifiers play a very important role in this scenario. These purifiers have been designed with different purification methods. Firstly, let …

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Best RO Water Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000

Just like an inverter is required for power backup or a kitchen chimney is required to absorb smoke in the kitchen, water purifiers are also required to purify the water. Nowadays, the pollutants in the air and water have caused water contamination. This contaminated water may lead to water-borne diseases. Thus, it has become really important to have a water …

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5 Best Inverter/UPS for Home in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

The inverter is indeed a magic device and converts the direct current into the alternating current. It also provides you access to an enhanced performance so that you can continue using your electrical and electronic components even when there is a power outage. In fact, it assumes even more important when you consider a country like India, where the power …

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Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in Pastel Color

Best 3 & 4 Burners Glass Top Gas Stoves in India – Reviews

With the advancement of technology, there are many electrical kitchen appliances which have taken over the traditional kitchen appliances like a roti maker has taken over a chapatti tawa, an air fryer has taken over a frying pan and an induction cooktop have taken over the traditional gas stoves. There can be a huge list of such instances. However, we …

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Elica – Best Curved Glass Wall Mounted Chimney

Best Chimney for Indian Kitchen – Amazing Guide

Unlike modern induction cooktops, the traditional gas stoves are still the choice of many Indians. However, the steam and tadkas make the ceiling or the base on top of the gas greasy and dirty making the hygiene a big issue. This is when the kitchen chimneys come in the picture. One might wonder, is chimney necessary in the kitchen? If …

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Best Hair Dryer for Thin Hair in India

Best Hair Dryers in India with Cool Air for Men and Women

Nowadays, it is not just the best home appliances that you need but for the personality development, there are many beauty products you might regularly need. Whether for men or women, a hair dryer would be essential equipment to take care of the needs in styling their hair. You would be able to dry your hair effectively as soon as you …

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Best Induction Cooktop Under Rs. 2000

Best Induction Cooktop | Stove | Chulha in India – Ultimate Guide

With the advancement of technology, not everyone prefers traditional kitchen appliances for their home. Be it a traditional chapati tawa, frying pans or a gas stove, people desire an electric substitute of it like a roti maker, air fryer or an induction cooktop respectively. So, in this post, we shall guide you in detail for the best induction cooktops in …

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Best Roti | Chapati | Khakra Maker Machine for Home Use in India

Every Indian house does have a chapatti or a roti tawa in the house. However, with the advancement of technology, where machines are replacing human intervention there has come an electric substitute for chapatti roller and tawa too. Yes! With the roti maker machines we simply need to put in the dough ball in the machine and you have a …

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Best Coffee Maker Machine for Indian Filter Coffee in India

Most of us love starting our day with a hot Maggie or a coffee. We have already discussed Maggie kettle. Of course, it can be an added experience to get the best-brewed coffee right inside your kitchen. It can be something that can help you get rejuvenated and the right choice to wake up your senses and enhances the degree …

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Which is The Best Pressure Cooker in India? Ultimate Guide

Have you ever heard of a kitchen without chapatti tawa, cooking vessel or a pressure cooker? No, you must never have heard about it. These are a few essentials for any kitchen, especially in India. We have already discussed the best chapatti tawa and cooking vessels. In this post, we shall consider writing about the best pressure cooker in India. …

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Best Steam Iron with Auto Shut Off Feature

Discover The 5 Best Steam Iron Box in India (Reviews)

Ironing your clothes is a simple, yet difficult task. Well, not something difficult, a chore that most of us need to do. It is quite important to wear wrinkle-free clothes to have a good personality. However, you have to decide which iron box is the best – dry iron or steam iron? In this post, we would help you in …

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